Recornect is developing a digital crisis map with HSE Ireland

Since last September, Recornect has been active in Ireland through a new partnership with HSE Ireland. A Recornect media wall has been placed in the de-escalation zone on the acute psychiatric ward of the Ault Admission Unit Sligo/Leitrim Mental Health Services. The ward works with a cascading care model (stepped care model) that moves along with the degree of loss of control during a crisis. This working method ensures that the treatment is well connected to the admitted person in crisis and that there is as little coercion as possible. The media wall is installed in the penultimate zone, just outside of the secure room. This ensures that the media wall is available is various de-escalation situations and therefore accessible for many people in crisis treatment. The personalized software on the media wall offers diverse forms of support and ownership to these people who are admitted in an acute condition and offers support and predictability during the first hours of admission.


A few months after the installation of the media wall, an extra step was taken in the collaboration to be able to meet the needs of HSE in relation to a communication tool for those who use the service similar to the crisis card we are familiar with. Recornect will work with HSE to develop a digital version of the tool called My Passport in the form of an app on the client’s smartphone. In Ireland, there is a rotation system for training Doctors resulting in changes in care for the client. As a result, clients often have to repeat their stories and build a rapport with a new person. This tool allows clients to present their expertise on their own health and communicate this to professionals.


From this need of the right affiliation the concept of My Passport App was originated. A mobile app where personal information can be entered and shared when necessary with care workers and psychiatrists, before or during an admission and at appointments. The intention is that the app supports clients in a simple way to share the correct information during their interactions, so that they can focus on the recovery process itself. The digital passport will be developed in collaboration with experts by experience in Ireland and the Netherlands in order to meet the needs of the end user as closely as possible. The app is expected to be available on Android and IOS by mid-2021


Are you interested in the development of the My Passport App? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with more information.

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