Recornect starts a pilot with Philips Healthcare in Dallas

In the upcoming month Recornect will start a pilot in cooperation with Philips Healthcare on the psychiatric children’s ward of the Children’s Hospital in Dallas. The goal of this pilot is to provide qualitative care and to investigate the potential influence of a creative environment on the recovery of children in crisis situations. For this project multiple media walls of Recornect (Cowin’48)  are installed in four different de-escalation rooms in the hospital. Via an application on the media wall different relaxing and entertaining themes can be projected on the wall and ceiling of the room. The themes are projected by two beamers from the Philips Ambient Experience program.

The pilot is a new step in the quest of Children’s Health Dallas to provide human solutions in serious crisis situations. Because of the unique combination of existing solutions children will receive new personalized possibilities to de-escalate and thereafter feel comfortable. Personal profiles of both solutions will connect with the coping styles of these children in crisis. The staff of Children’s Hospital in Dallas will be trained to evaluate personal coping styles of children to thereafter make a profile that contributes constructively to self-management and recovery.

The pilot will run for one year and is an interesting new innovation that will be monitored correctly by researchers of Chilren’s Health Dallas. If you are interested in the pilot and would like to be updated on the first results:

Please do not hesitate to contact us

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