A Recornect innovation

The CoWin media wall is a Recornect innovation. The CoWin media wall enables us to contribute directly to improving the care for and quality of life of vulnerable people. The CoWin media wall offers vulnerable people the chance to help themselves in their personal coping strategies by applying their own solutions. This allows them to retain self-management and control. Using the GRASP software especially developed for the purpose, a personalised compilation of apps which perfectly matches the options and needs of the person undergoing treatment can be offered on the CoWin media wall.

Media wall for spaces with a high security level

Media wall for spaces with a high security level

The COWIN-48 media wall is an interactive screen designed for use in spaces with a high security level, in psychiatry, custodial institutions and care for the mentally disabled. The construction consists of a steel frame in which a glass panel is fitted. The glass is resistant to extreme violence, so the product meets the most stringent safety standards in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. The COWIN-48 has portrait orientation, clearly enhancing the similarity to a window. The size of the screen also strongly contributes to the experience. The user is completely involved in the story and thanks to the life-sized screen, they find it easier to become absorbed by it. The screen is built into, and is completely flush with, the wall. The system has speakers, for communication purposes, a microphone and a camera. A smaller version has been developed as an affordable solution: the CoWin-32.


1433 x 879 x 140 mm (h x w x d)
Material - Frame
Steel, powder coated
Material - Glass
10mm toughened
72 kg (approximately)
Strength norm


Screen size
48 inch (122 cm)
1920x1080 (Full HD)

CoWin facts

Already, more than 100 CoWin media walls have been installed at 57 locations in 8 countries. Recornect collaborates closely with Karakter (centre for child and youth psychiatry) where the CoWin has also been installed. And the Children’s Hospital Dayton is equipped with 26 CoWins.

More information or a demo?

Recornect offers an innovative and humane solution for self-management and de-escalation in the areas of psychiatry, mental disability care and custodial institutions. If you would like to know more about the potential for your organisation, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with more information or to organise a free demo at your location.