December, 2013

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Press release: Recornect secures financing for development communication wall

Located in Son, the Dutch company Recornect has secured financial support from the Bright Move innovation funds for the development of a communication wall for use in seclusion rooms within psychiatry wards. The product called Cowall, supports the patient with his/her recovery process and provides means to communicate with people outside the facility.

In the world of psychiatry many complex situations occur with severe loss of control and feelings of frustration. This may lead to cases of seclusion and restraint. Although the number of seclusion events have reduced in recent years, it still is one of the most frequently used methods in these situations. The usage of technology during crisis situations is a logical next step to further reduce the negative effects of these treatment.

The design of the Cowall is based on direct feedback from service users and experienced staff members. A lot of detail has been given to user friendliness for both the patient and staff members. The Cowall is made with special safety glass which enables patients within a medium to high secure space to use means to communicate, interact and receive support.

Staff can remotely control which applications are accessible on the communication wall. Depending on the environment and patient, various apps can be provided through user profiles: video calling, radio & television, drawing, notepad, games, access information and control of the environment.

Next to mental health institutes, the communication wall is also usable in other environments where a robust interaction means in required. Examples are: facilities for intellectual disability, child, youth and elderly care homes, prisons, police stations, hospitals and schools.

“This is a nice example of an important social innovation from our region”, says Arnoud de Geus, from Sioux Technology. This is fully in line with the opinion from Bright Move, who is one of the investors in the project. For the development of the communication wall Recornect has received support from Bright Move through financing and advice. With this support, the company develops their first prototype, quickly followed by the final product that is ready for the market.

First Cowall order

Today Recornect received their first order for a Cowall. The expected date for installation is planned in February 2014. With reaching this important milestone, the Recornect team is expecting an exciting and fruitful 2014.