We have created a dedicated training program that is hands-on and can be turned into practice right away. Please find below the various training modules.

Skill enhancement for de-escalation in healthcare

Workshop and training module early detection and de-escalation from the crisis development model. We offer this program based on a long experience in education and consultation within the (forensic) psychiatric healthcare.

  • Workshop: Short theoretical exploration followed by a practical case (3 hours).
  • Training module: Extensive theoretic model focusing on multiple practical cases tuned towards the audience (3 sessions of 3 hours).

Communication training from the WKS model

‘Self control from a framework of possibilities’ is the key in care and support. We offer insights and access to this model, which has been developed by Willem Kleine Schaars.

  • Workshop WKS: Explaining the basics of the WKS model with several practical examples and exercises. (3 hours).
  • WKS training module: Extensive explanation of the WKS model with tailored examples tuned towards the audience. (3 days of 6 hours).

Innovation enhancement by expertise from experience

In recent years co-creation has been key in the adoption of technology in the cure & care arena. The input from ex-clients has proven to be vital in this process. We can share this knowledge with you through a workshop.

  • Workshop with the presence of an experienced ex-client, explanation and exercises (3 hours).