Grasp applications

Please find below an overview of the applications that are available:

Communication & information
Video telephone
Choose for communication with or without video with staff (example) or family and friends (example).
Provides information about current situation in a language of choice.
MyRightsOverview of the rights and duties in the language of choice.
Document shareShare pdf documents with all users or specific users
Relaxation & distraction
Relax themesNature images in combination with nature sounds and calming color lighting is provided to reduce stress levels. See the overview.
DrawMake drawings on the touch screen. Drawings are automatically saved and can be exported for printing or sharing with others
Photo viewerView your personal photos on the screen. Family and friends can provide photos that can provide happy memories (example)
Audio & video
RadioListen to selected radio channels. Channels can be personalized to the type of user, e.g. children (example)

Watch television on a large screen. Restrictions to which channels that can be viewed at what time can be added.
Video player

Watch your own videos.
Audio playerListen to the local music library or add your own music files
Room control

Switch on/off or dim the room lighting.

Set the room temperature to the preferred level.

Operate the room blinds to darken the room and to provide a more private environment.

Open or close the motorized window(s) automatically.
Glow wall

Select the color of the room and dim this to the required level. Only available for selected products (example)
Color lightingSelect the appropriate color for the room or use the rainbow effect. Dim the lighting to the required level
Privacy windowSwitch the viewing window from transparent to opaque for additional privacy.
Jigsaw puzzle

Play a simple jigsaw puzzle. Select the image and the number of pieces and begin. (example)
Match threeCombine colors to make them dissappear.
FlowDraw lines between the same color dots to fill the matrix