Grasp control

Making it easy to control the Grasp platform has been one of the key priorities. For this we have used the feedback from staff members from various backgrounds. This had let to a two-level control:

  • Room & user manager
    • Control of each media wall: on/off, maximum volume, clock
    • User control: assign users, set user profiles and available apps
    • Room control: set lighting, blinds, windows, temperature, and more
  • Settings & configuration manager
    • Create/adjust user profiles based on e.g. medical diagnosis, security level, social-emotional status, gender, and more
    • Edit user related info: user ID, language, personal contact list, agenda items
    • File manager: add/extract personal data like photos and drawings

The GRASP manager application can be installed on either a PC, a tablet or other mobile device. Currently Microsoft Windows 8 and Apple Ios devices are supported.