Why Dayton Children's hospital installed 26 CoWin '48 media boards

Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio has one of the friendliest, most open and innovative child psychiatry departments in North America. Because they give a lot of scope to technology, Recornect’s CoWin 48 de-escalation solution was an excellent fit from the very start. All 26 accommodations are equipped with a CoWin 48 media wall, that effectively tunes into the world as it’s experienced by children at their stage of life. It allows the children to look at their treatment schedule, play games, draw or listen to their favourite music.

Do you want to learn more about the practical use of the CoWin media boards?
In this video a Dayton Children’s staff member explains the use of CoWin at their child behavioral health unit:

Implementation of the CoWin media boards
By collaborating closely with the architect at Dayton Children’s Hospital, we were able to install the CoWin 48 media walls flush into the walls in such a way that they have a natural place in the well-thought-out and unique design by the architect’s firm. Naturally, we also provided a fast and thorough implementation and training in the department, so that staff can work with CoWin and GRASP in an intuitive way. Dayton Children’s Hospital carried out a survey among children who had stayed in one of the rooms and the responses were almost unanimously positive. Here are just a few:

• ‘It was good. The drawing and relaxing music helped!’
• ‘It was helpful when we were alone in our rooms to help with something to do and made me calm’
• ‘I thought the media board was super helpful. I loved the music and the games. It really helped when I was feeling anxious/bored.’
• ‘Relaxing and a good distraction when overwhelmed’
• ‘It helped me relax and the music was calming if I was doing a word search or 50′

Digital natives
The powerful effect of the CoWin media walls ensures a more relaxed stay with fewer escalations and consequently, a calmer work climate in the department. Something which is experienced by care staff as extremely beneficial in times of understaffing. The possibility of keeping children in touch digitally is more or less vital for that target group, according to Kelly Blankship, DO, behavioural health inpatient manager at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

“Our teens and adolescents are digital natives. Technology is like air to them – they live it and breathe it. These boards allow us a way to connect with them on a whole new level and give them tools and techniques to be good digitial citizens – truly an innovative use of technology to better serve our children.”

Discover the features of CoWin:
Groundbreaking, multi-award-winning de-escalation solution
• Ultra-resistant glass that meets the most stringent safety standards
• Built-in camera, microphone and speakers for contact with nursing staff or relatives
• Advanced GRASP software with a broad selection of applications
• Available in CoWin 48 and the more affordable CoWin 32
• Built into, and completely flush with the wall
• Already installed at 85 locations in 9 different countries.

The Recornect CoWin media wall is a multi-award-winning de-escalation tool for psychiatric departments (crisis). CoWin is a unique combination of years of practical experience in psychiatry, high-tech engineering and advanced GRASP software. Modifying the selection on the media wall to suit the person involved helps vulnerable clients retain or regain contact with themselves faster in a crisis and that’s the most powerful path towards lasting recovery.