Child and youth psychiatry

Care for vulnerable young people

Recornect focuses on the improvement of care for vulnerable young people. The CoWin media wall gives care workers and informal carers the opportunity of offering the right care without losing sight of self-management and the client’s own potential, because the CoWin media wall supports the way in which young people can help themselves in a crisis. They can decide on their own what it is that helps them in a crisis, such as looking at their own photos, listening to familiar music or watching their own films.

New possibilities in crisis care

Several qualitative research studies have established that both vulnerable young people and care workers experience the apps in the CoWin media wall as a constructive tool. They create new possibilities for vulnerable people in crisis. Not only that, but the apps offer the care workers new options in tense and escalating situations. The CoWin media wall allows them to communicate and share information without creating unsafe situations. It is possible to constantly anticipate the situation of the person undergoing treatment and where necessary, intervene as a prevention. This tool also positively influences the duration and quality of care during a possible confinement.

Personalised products

Even in the most severe phase of their crisis, the person undergoing treatment can retain self-management with the help of the CoWin media wall. Supported by the care worker, they are given appropriate access to their own solutions in the form of personalised apps. The care worker can make the apps accessible to vulnerable people in crisis during a period of isolation; this might involve giving access to photos, videos and music, or offering the person undergoing treatment contact with the home front by way of a video call. The tool can also offer a diversion in the form of relaxation themes, drawing, games or television.


More information or a demo?

Recornect offers an innovative and humane solution for self-management and de-escalation in the areas of psychiatry, mental disability care and custodial institutions. If you would like to know more about the potential for your organisation, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with more information or to organise a free demo at your location.