Forensic psychiatry

Solutions for impasse in struggle for control

Working in forensic psychiatry often means higher risks when providing care. Early signalling and risk assessment are essential in forensic psychiatry. Due to the risks involved, much attention is paid to working safely. Despite this, long-running deadlocked situations do occur here too. Situations such as an impasse in the struggle for control for example in people who, by necessity, spend months in isolation. Recornect solutions offer new opportunities to prevent just such situations.

New opportunities for people in an impasse

The CoWin media wall offers care workers in forensic psychiatry the possibility of providing new opportunities to people undergoing treatment whose progress has stagnated. The care workers still retain a lot of control and safety is demonstrably increased for all parties involved. The CoWin media wall offers them new options for closing the divide in the struggle for control, step by step. Using the media wall allows language barriers to be broken down. The person undergoing treatment can receive information in their own language without the need for an interpreter. The date and time can be displayed on the media wall, raising awareness of place and time. The media wall can also display the planning and timetable for the day or other relevant information. Music can also be played on the media wall, to create tranquillity.


More information or a demo?

Recornect offers an innovative and humane solution for self-management and de-escalation in the areas of psychiatry, mental disability care and custodial institutions. If you would like to know more about the potential for your organisation, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with more information or to organise a free demo at your location.