Supporting coping styles

Coping style as starting point for the solution strategy

Where previously the diagnosis was central to mental health care and a treatment automatically linked to the diagnosis (diagnosis – treatment combination), there is now much more focus on personal solution strategies. The coping style, the specific way in which the person undergoing treatment deals with problems and stress, is increasingly being taken as a starting point. A joint examination of the way in which the person undergoing treatment previously dealt with problems and looking at coping styles and character traits leads to the formation of a solution strategy which constructively contributes to the recovery. Framed in the right way of course, and appropriate for the solution skills of the person in crisis.

Patient-centred communication

In the process of looking at coping styles and character traits, focus on patient-centred communication increases. We aim to make sure that the person undergoing treatment will actually experience managing their recovery process. Co-creation, joint designing, searching for new possibilities, innovation and personal strength are hugely important in achieving that. Ownership of the solution strategy shifts from the care worker to the person undergoing treatment. There is the hope that this will eventually be in the right perspective. Co-creation is a great form of transition as an interim step in creating solutions. Deploying technology can bring that future closer. The CoWin media wall was developed to stimulate and speed up this evolution.


More information or a demo?

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