CoWin: the groundbreaking and leading de-escalation solution

Worldwide, Recornect is setting the tone in psychiatry with innovative de-escalation solutions. The CoWin media wall is currently leading the trend toward less containment of clients in psychiatric units and an environment that is open, safe and healing. In practice, this has been shown to result in prevention of escalation and a faster recovery.

Architect or designer? Download your media kit with technical specs and 3D files here:

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Seamless design
Recornect has already installed CoWin media walls at more than 85 locations in 9 different countries. In many cases, we were involved in the construction of a new psychiatric or custodial unit, so that the media walls could be installed flush with the walls which is the most aesthetic solution we offer. In some cases, for example very old or historic buildings, this is not possible but we still find an attractive and workable solution.

Highest security level
Every part of the CoWin media wall’s hardware has been developed to the highest security level. In practice, this means that the media wall is virtually indestructible and has no problem withstanding impact from very heavy objects or tools. Which is one of the reasons that the CoWin is so often installed in forensic psychiatric units.

Extensive technical support
Our experienced technical team has already supervised many hundreds of implementations and acquired ample international experience. So we can coordinate effortlessly with local installation specialists. Naturally, we provide intensive technical support from start to finish and our clients can count on the very best standard of service that we have to offer.

If you are an architect or you would like more information, please leave your contact details with us, and we will send you a media kit including 3D files and technical specifications.

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    Maybe you still have some questions? Check out this concise list of FAQs.

    Is CoWin an 'ordinary' media screen?
    CoWin is an abbreviation of Communication Window. The hardware and software are geared to helping clients in psychiatric and custodial institutions to de-escalate. Thanks to a personalized selection of media, clients make or stay in contact better, which enables a faster track to recovery. A variety of applications can be used on the screen for music, photos or video chat, for example.
    Where is CoWin used?
    Recornect has already installed CoWin media walls at more than 85 locations in 9 different countries. CoWin is mainly used in psychiatry (acute), forensic psychiatry, custodial institutions and organizations for clients with an intellectual disability.
    Can staff easily learn how to use CoWin?
    In general, the staff of a unit needs no more than half a day of training. After that, we coach remotely for another month or so, after which the unit can operate fully independently. Naturally, we are always available for service and support.
    Can CoWin be easily destroyed?
    The CoWin hardware meets the highest security requirements for European and American custodial institutions making it more or less indestructible.
    Can I find 3D files anywhere?
    Certainly. We have a media kit especially for architects. It contains technical specifications and STEP versions of the CoWin screens.
    What does CoWin cost?
    That is dependent on too many factors for us to be able to give a definite price here. They include the size of the screen, the number of screens, the installation method and so on. However if you get in touch with our sales department, we can always give you a rough estimate.

    More information or a demo?

    Recornect offers an innovative and humane solution for self-management and de-escalation in the areas of psychiatry, mental disability care and custodial institutions. If you would like to know more about the potential for your organisation, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with more information or to organise a free demo at your location.